2021 Virtual Table Talk

The Guild’s most popular conference networking session is back online! We are thrilled to offer our Winter 2021 Virtual Table Talk with a new, enhanced format.


A premier networking opportunity with Guild members via Zoom


Tuesday, March 2, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. ET

How it Works

  • Meet with 7 Guild members for 15 minutes each
  • Join a Zoom breakout room with 4 other economic development professionals – or reserve an entire breakout room for you and your partners
  • Reserving an entire breakout room will grant you:
       o Ability to request the top 3 participating Guild members you would like to meet (we will aim to match you with two of your requests,
         granted on first come, first serve basis)

    Access to share your screen in your breakout room
    Advance access to the list of Guild members you are scheduled to meet (subject to change)
       o Similar to in-person Table Talk sessions, there won’t be any agenda – just free flowing conversation and a chance to connect with our members and gather industry intelligence.


  • $2,450 for an entire breakout room (7 seats max) – granting access to a private Zoom room for you and your partners
  • $350 for one “seat” within a Zoom breakout room with four other economic developers


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Participating Guild Members

Including but not limited to:

1. Angelos Angelou, AngelouEconomics
2. Rene Buck, BCI Global

3. Dennis Donovan, Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting
4. Jay Garner, Garner Economics
5. Larry Gigerich, Ginovus
6. Kenneth Maly, Newmark
7. Seth Martindale, CBRE
8. Kim Moore, Newmark
9. Jim Renzas, BCI Global
10. John Sisson, The Next Move Group
11. Monty Turner, Colliers International
Gregg Wassmansdorf, Newmark
Sarah White, Global Location Strategies
14. Mark Williams, Strategic Development Group
15. Gary Yates