2020 Virtual Table Talk

The Guild has taken its most popular conference networking session online! We are thrilled to offer our second Virtual Table Talk.

What: A premier networking opportunity with Guild members via Zoom

When: Tuesday, December 8, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. ET SOLD OUT!

How it Works:
     • Economic development professionals will be placed together in breakout rooms (capped at five economic
       developers per room).
     • Individual Guild members will join each breakout room and rotate rooms every 15 minutes – which means EDOs
       will meet with six different Guild members over the course of two hours, while staying with the same group of
       five EDO peers the entire time.
     • Like our in-person Table Talk sessions, there won’t be any agenda – just free flowing conversation and a chance
       to connect with our members and gather industry intelligence.

     • $250 per attendee – granting you access to one “seat” within a Zoom breakout room.
     • $1,250 for an entire breakout room (five seats total) – granting you and your partners access to a private Zoom
       breakout room.

The December 8 session will feature Guild members including but not limited to:
1. Angelos Angelou
2. Darin Buelow
3. Michelle Comerford
4. Ron Crum
5. Dennis Donovan
6. Jay Garner
7. Von Hatley
8. Bob Hess
9. Jason Hickey
10. Chris Lloyd
11. Larry Moretti
12. Sarah Raehl
13. Andy Shapiro
14. John Sisson
15. Chad Sweeney
16. Jerry Szatan